design system is a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications. A design system is a single source of truth that your entire organization will depend on to maintain consistency for both your customers and your organization.

“Here’s the simple truth: you can’t innovate on products without first innovating the way you build them.” —Alex Schleifer, VP of Design at Airbnb

Over the past five years, Variate has worked closely with many companies to design and build their design systems helping these companies operate in ways they never imagined were possible. We created the design system for a top global education company enabling them to unite the look-and-feel of over one hundred different softwares and guarantee that all aspects of their software are accessibility compliant. We created the design system for the world’s largest travel company helping them to unify their customer experience and visual identity across all of their platforms, channels, and services while creating a brand platform allowing over thirty sub-brands to shine.


We’ve worked on design systems that solve some of the most significant issues, across many industries, and we want to show you how to design systems can revolutionize your business.


Not sure what a design system can do for your company? Here are a few things you should be thinking about:


Do all of your products look like different teams created them? If so, your customers are confused and frustrated, and it’s leading to many unnecessary issues that your teams have to solve.  Creating a consistent experience for your customers reduces their overall cognitive load making it easier for them to recognize your brand and switch between your products (email, app, website, etc.) to take advantage of the great features you have built for them.


So many companies including Google, Shopify, Salesforce, Uber, Airbnb, and so many others have built their design systems to address their customer’s needs.


Creating a unified design system will speed up your design and development process while helping teams work faster, work smarter and communicate easier across the organization. Good design is a language, and when everyone is speaking the same language, that’s when things synergize.


We believe that every digital product experience should be designed to work well for people with disabilities. Addressing accessibility is challenging for all companies and can quickly become impossible without a standardized design system.


We’ve created design systems that enable companies to offer customizable colors, fonts, and branding to their customers while maintaining WCAG A, AA and AAA compliance.


Most companies are surprised by the number of inconsistencies their customers face on a daily basis. We usually start by doing an audit of your different products to understand the most important and most commonly used elements and components. Once we understand the functional needs of each component, we go to work to create a much smaller set of elements to replace all of these inconsistencies enabling all of your products to feel like they are part of one family. Your customers will thank you.


Design debt is real and is a real problem as organizations scale. New features get added, old features become outdated and, standards can, and will, change.


We’ll show you how to build a design system that you can update and maintain with a process (and standards team) to evolve your design system and communicate to your teams. We’ll also create a series of design files that can evolve in harmony as your products are being built and updated. These files will talk to each other and communicate with your teams when updates have been made saving you time and money.