Variate projects scale at the right time building off achievements and momentum. We bring in the perfect people to accomplish your needs and goals. We call on the best people and companies in the industry to come together and collaborate, depending on your project’s needs. Some companies need a handful of specialists, like a branding guru or a visual designer with years of experience building cascading style guides for design systems. Other projects require partnerships with kiosk manufacturers, art production, social media experts and sometimes overseas outsourced development.


We can build teams for you. Groups of amazing people, companies, resources, and software partners.


We start with one or two people. We’ve learned over time that this is the best, and easiest way to provide immediate value to our partner companies. Starting with one person has many advantages including:

Minimize risk while saving time and money.



You don’t need to make a big announcement.



We focus on the right things at a pace that works well for your teams.



A team can’t sit in one chair at all of your most important decision making meetings.



We blend right in – while we’re secretly transforming your company from the inside out.

Who’s better to start with then the CEO of your new favorite company?

Robert Miles Kemp

CEO, Founder, Vision

Based in DC, Miles Kemp is Variate’s founder, director, and CEO. Miles has over to two decades of experience as an award-winning designer, creative director, and advisor, and he’s connected to some of the best people across many industries. For every project, Miles pulls together the right people for the job. The result is a project team that’s handpicked for your goals, with the highest quality work you won’t be able to find anywhere else.


He believes that interactive experiences should genuinely impact and enhance the lives of the people for which they were designed. Over his career, Miles has focused on this guiding light across many different professions including architecture, robotics, startups, agencies, entrepreneurship, mentoring, and Variate. Before designing software and helping digital companies, Miles worked as an architect for some of the most notable architecture firms in the United States on over sixty-five build projects around the globe.


In 2009, Miles wrote the first textbook on interactive architecture and gives lectures and keynotes at conferences and universities across the globe about the future of interactive spaces.